Matrix ScreenSaver

Matrix ScreenSaver

Replaces the user's default screensaver with a Matrix-themed one
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Have your computer display the scrolling columns of green numbers made famous by the Matrix movie whenever it goes into idle mode. Additional functions include the ability to customize the color of the screensaver as well as the number of columns and their scrolling speed.

Did you like the Matrix movie?
Did it make you think a little about that strange possibility of our reality being just a computer program?
Would you like to decipher the code to see what is going on?

Matrix ScreenSaver brings the secret code to your screen.

This unique screensaver will allow you to see all the code used to form the matrix.
Do you remember those endless lines of falling green colors, symbols and letters?
They will be moving from top to bottom on your screen, sometimes filling it completely, and sometimes leaving blank spaces.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to really understand that code?
Maybe if you watch closely and carefully, you will be able to analyze it and discover the secret messages involved in the creation of reality, as the movie explains.

Matrix Screensaver might be a little disappointing for some people.
It doesn’t do anything else. It will only display those endless lines of green numbers.
If you are not a real Matrix fan, you might get bored after a while.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice for Matrix fans


  • It's only numbers and letters
  • It gets boring after a while
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